Art is an expression of self. It is reflection of life, what we do and who we are as individual souls and as a collective soul.

In the wake of tragedy artistic expression is a great healer for the artist and the audience in its truest form,art is inspired by energy and honest expression of the soul and of love; bringing people together in laughter, or in tears, in contemplation, or in complete serenity.

Artists provide mirrors with which to examine ourselves, windows with which to examine the world, and bridges to connect the gaps which we create between the two to deny, out of fear, our greatest pain or our greatest glory would be a denial of life. It is through love that an artist creates, and it is out of love that we embrace the creation.

Expression of truth without boundaries no criticism just respect for the truth even if it is not yours it is someone's respect. Without personal truths there can be no universal truth if, in fact, there is such a truth.

Free the ARTIST!!